Craft a go-to-market strategy for technology startup and quickly turnaround a revised brand, website and marketing campaigns to execute on GTM.

With a clear vision painted by the startup’s co-founders, a stellar freelance copywriter on hand and a lot of high expectations – I got down to business quick.

I took the helm of marketing this new startup pretty much solo. From strategy and operating tools to copy, design, dev and social media. It was quite a whirlwind going from managing a team of eight to doing the work of all of those folks alone, but it gave me a chance to put on my design hat again and learn a lot of new skills.

The goal was to execute on a two-sided business model: aimed at attracting both companies and freelancers to the platform. With two very different personas to target, the brand needed to feel right for both and project a modern, clean look and feel. The product was beautiful, the storytelling was there, now I just needed to wrap it up in a stellar package and deliver it across as many channels as possible to get the word out.

Aventeer was named in Built in Colorado’s ‘Top 50 Startups to Watch 2016’ and successfully maximized a track sponsorship of Boulder Startup Week.

Aventeer Startup

Categories: Brand, Web Design, Print Materials, Event Planning, Marketing Strategy

Brand Refresh
Website Redesign
T Shirts
BSW Sponsorship Planning + Execution
Campaigns (2): LPs, Emails, Adwords, Social + Blog
GTM & Content Marketing Plan