An incredibly talented team was being run-down by ad-hoc, production work that limited their bandwidth to execute on high-impact creative projects.


  • Create an ad-hoc request system and process across all departments for engagement and execution of creative and digital work
  • Evolve said process to optimize time, resources and bandwidth visibility
  • Provide a comprehensive release plan on a weekly cadence
  • Implement Scrum method and coach team with sprint-ly Scrum lessons
  • Cultivate team unity and foster autonomy with increased collaboration, relationship building activities and peer-voted recognition
  • Initiate point system to calculate velocity, provide data-driven predictability and identify metric goals
  • Create digital catalog and application to automate creative request process globally


A Chicago-Bulls-Michael-Jordan-era dream team. Seriously, this team could dispute impossible with their eyes closed, while still having fun.

We increased our velocity, volume and quality of work that allowed us to deliver ad-hoc creative work on a weekly sprint basis for internal and external departments across the globe. In addition, the team was successfully able to identify, prioritize and allocate time to high-impact creative projects.

K2 Creative & Digital
Marketing Team

Categories: Agile, Scrum, Wrike

Bill of Materials:
PM Tool Structure
Creative Briefs
Process & Guidelines Interactive PDF
Scrum Wall
Sprint MVPs
Team Spotify Playlist

Creative Director
Director of Digital Strategy
Art Director
Senior Designer
Front-End Developer
Contract Designers (2)