Hire the next generation of D&D players, coders and software engineers to scale the support organization, while not draining internal resources for lengthy interview process.


  • Create a versioned website for job recruitment and event registration
  • Build a back-end application including forms, workflow and data integration using company product
  • Leverage existing global marketing campaign for look/feel and high-level messaging
  • Implement marketing plan spanning on-campus, direct calls and targeted social media advertising
  • Host an in-office event that serves as an interactive and fun group interview
  • Attend local college job fairs
  • Localize website & replicate recruitment process globally


More players for the internal D&D team!

The first in-house event brought in over 10 vetted candidates, with three being brought on board. The Support organization continues to onboard new employees at regional events using the recruitment site and materials.

K2 Support Department

Categories: Project Management, Events, App Building

Bill of Materials:
v1 Event Registration Website
v2 Recruitment Website
Marketing Posters & Digital Advertisements
Event Environmentals & SWAG
Communications (Plan, Copy, Design + Dev)
In-house Intro Day Event
Industry Career Day Event
Social Media Advertising
Registration Application

Shereene le Roux / Event Coordination & Admin
Barry Hoffman + Team / Application Build
Anais Mares / Design
Blas Yaselli / Front-End Development
Angela Brobst / Copywriting
Chris Tomeo / Creative Direction
Todd Lillienthal / Digital Strategy