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BFA Graphic Design / 2012

International Academy of Design & Technology
Tampa, FL

Cum Laude Honors
President’s List 2007 – 2010
Dean’s List 2010 – 2012

Graphic Designer

April 2019 – Present  /  Hanover, Maryland

  • Strenghthens the porfolio of brands by providing brand creative support for the organization, creating a seamless experience across internal and external touch points
  • Expanding the existing guidelines and evolving brand applications to refresh and modernize the look/feel through new brand awareness campaigns and sales/mktg materials
  • Partners with content, digital and development teams to create unique engagement opportunities for users across social media, digital marketing and web experiences like campaign microsites, whitepapers and visual ebooks/reports
  • Utilizes PM experience to identify opportunities to improve design team process across engagement, execution, review and completion of projects
  • Improves overall usage of project management tool by maintaining request forms, automations, product updates and team training

Graphic Design & Project Management Contractor

December 2016 – April 2019  /  Colorado, Florida & Maryland

  • Kohnstamm Communications: Website (architecture, wireframes, design & project mgmt), Template Presentation Deck, Email Design & MailChimp Build
  • Balanced Greens: Website (architecture, wireframes, design, project mgmt & build using purchased WP Theme), Packaging Design
  • Scott’s Bass Lessons: Project Management, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction

Director of Accounts, Workhorse 45

July 2016 – December 2016  /  Littleton, CO

  • Managed all projects and client relationships
  • Rebuilt internal process spanning project mgmt software, client meeting structure, implementation of Scrum practices and hire of Senior Art Director position
  • Created GTM strategies, website architecture & wireframes and content as billable services
  • Assisted with creative direction on various projects

Marketing Manager, Aspenware & Aventeer

November 2015 – June 2016  /  Denver, CO

  • Created GTM strategy for established tech company and sister startup
  • Collaborated on strategy, designed & managed web redesign projects for both DBAs
  • Planned, designed & developed targeted campaigns including: AdWords, copy, design and development of landing pages and emails, and marketing automation setup
  • Coordinated sponsorship of Boulder Startup Week & corresponding presence at events, designed and produced all materials, and organized team schedule

Program Manager, K2

December 2013 – September 2015  /  Denver, CO

  • Established creative & digital engagement and execution process to service global marketing org
  • Implemented Scrum project mgmt principles through team leadership, coaching & PM tool setup
  • Managed corporate marketing team spanning strategy, copywriting, design and development
  • Created operating rhythm including project mgmt software, cadence of release plans, meeting structure and creative brief forms

Graphic Designer, K2

August 2012 – November 2013  /  Denver, CO

  • Designed campaign parallax microsite
  • Collaborated with Product Mktg to create illustrated thought leadership paper
  • Participated in the redesign of K2 brand including style guide, website & collateral mktg materials
  • Illustrated product capabilities with hand drawn sketches

Co-Founder, Project Manager & Designer, Hands Down Creative

May 2010 – June 2012  /  St. Petersburg, FL

  • Founded startup & managed over 30 projects and events ranging in scope, budget and co. size
  • Responsible for all client and vendor relationships
  • Developed and managed a team of designers and freelancers
  • Created all company creative briefs, contracts, forms, business plan and operating rhythm

Chris Tomeo, Creative Director / Adjy

“Olivia is a ship captain. Not in a maniacal, grizzled, Ahab sort of way. Indeed, Olivia’s gifts are focus, organization, creativity and whatever you call that thing where someone can herd cats really, really well.

She’s never intimidated by scope. Instead, she methodically surveys the landscape, identifies obstacles and suggests routes around them, harmonizes all the moving pieces and parts, and then motivates the team to deliver, often ahead of schedule and north of expectations.

Olivia has a rare spirit and an infectious energy. We will work together again someday, and that’s a day I look forward to.”

Todd Lilienthal, Director of Digital Strategy / K2

“I’ve worked with Olivia for almost three years and she is a powerhouse of project management and creative knowledge. She manages large, strategic initiatives and global teams with an approach that ensures the success of the individuals and the company. She has a unique ability to diagnose issues within a project or process and will quickly find a way to fix it while maintaining a very high standard of communication across all levels of the company.

I’ve worked with a lot of project managers over the years and Olivia is kind of a unicorn. She understands all aspects of the creative process, can design anything in record time and is also one of the most organized people I know. She gets digital, UX, content and creative and provides valuable feedback and direction in these areas when it’s needed.

With Olivia involved, I’m confident that any marketing team can achieve a higher standard of quality and efficiency. That’s certainly what she’s done for us at K2.”

Barry Hoffmann, VP Technical Product Support / K2

“I have been fortunate to work with Olivia on multiple marketing projects for my team. Each one of them was delivered on time and better than envisioned. She is excellent at communicating, always keeping you informed of progress and transfers your vision to the creative team with great accuracy and efficiency.

She has the ability to communicate to all levels in an organization and her background in design and creative enhance her ability to not only understand the impact of the projects she delivers, but also give her an edge when communicating the vision to the creative team.

She projects pride onto each project she takes on, constantly produces fresh ideas and always thinks of new ways to improve on the process.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with her. She will be an asset for any company that employs her.”

Tamara Turner, CMO / Swiftboard

“Olivia is among the most talented project managers I have had the opportunity to work with in my career. She is a highly motivated and dedicated worker who is always looking for proactive ways to improve processes and deliver better results for the team and company. Her passion and desire to continually do more–and do better–separates her from the crowd. Olivia oozes with potential!”

Holly Anderson, Product Marketing Manager / K2

“I have worked directly with Olivia on the marketing team at K2 for three years and have been extremely impressed with her organizational skills and her ability to handle a large number of projects across a global team. Olivia implemented a complete project management process that allowed our team to successfully deliver on a range of projects – from smaller internal initiatives to large, strategic programs – in a much
more efficient way.

Her background in creative design provides her with unique insight into everything that is needed to deliver a successful marketing project and she excels at thinking creatively to work through roadblocks and plan for the unexpected. I highly recommend Olivia as a project manager who can bring a high level of quality and productivity to any team.”

Anaïs Mares, Senior Graphic Designer / ArtHouse Design

“Olivia has been project managing my work for almost 2 years and it has been a wonderful collaboration. She has a perfect understanding of what I do, having been a designer herself, and she has a very methodical approach.

She successfully managed projects with at least 6 different marketing teams, spread over 5 continents. She is very personable, dynamic and passionate. And beyond managing design projects, she can champion the team’s work with eloquence.

She is also constantly working towards a positive progression, whether it is improving her process as a project manager or bettering herself as an individual. And her efforts benefit the entire team. She came to work one day with a book on the SCRUM methodology book and promised to learn from it and apply what she could to the team. Although that sounded great, I have seen several other managers rallying behind a book’s great idea and promising changes but nothing would ever materialize. But Olivia actually followed through and implemented SCRUM, adapting it to the specific needs of a creative team. It had great results on the team’s productivity, communication, and overall dynamics.”

Michael Novilla, Owner / NOVA 535

“Olivia truly has the gift to create extraordinary, gorgeous, functional, wonderful pieces AND she can professionally decipher what you as her client are trying to express and beautifully manifest those expressions.”

Phyllis Eig, Committee Chair / Brookwood Florida

“I have worked with Olivia for the past three years on numerous projects, some of which I paid for – for me personally, and others where she volunteered her time to help me with charity work. Her work ethic is the best- she has extremely creative ideas ideas and knows how to implement everything she does from beginning to end. Olivia is driven by her passion and in the three years I have worked with her, I have never been disappointed. She is a gem and I would highly reccomend her for anything that requires her to be creative. She is very motivated and never disappoints.”

Fiftyfiveandfive / September 2015

“Digital Marketing Excellence Report”

Inaugural report celebrating the digital marketing work of top 10 and top 50 global O365 and SharePoint product vendors, with a particular focus on website, blog and social presence. K2 received top 10 and will be featured in the report launched at this year’s Future Decoded in London.

ARTISTIK Magazine / Spring 2012

“Success in Entrepreneurship”

Art, design and fashion magazine published by Career Education Corporation for distribution nationally throughout their campuses. Sprint 2012 issue included a four-page spread on Hands Down Creative including interview and featured client work.