Design and build a simple, but beautiful eCommerce site for a growing small business in the natural & organic industry.

Balanced Greens is a husband and wife team based out of Eugene, Oregon who found a total recipe for health in an energy food formula blend and are working hard to bring it to consumers in one of 2017’s most competitive markets.¬†Taking a good look at their competitors, they knew they needed to make some serious changes to their messaging, packaging and web presence in order to compete.

They hired Workhorse 45 out of Littleton, CO to revisualize the brand, product names, messaging and creative direction. As the Director of Accounts at W45, I led the relationship and managed the project between the client and the design team throughout the branding and packaging phases.

When it came time for the web element, I went solo and completed the project from copy to QA with the newly created brand and product designs. Leveraging the incredibly flexible X Theme on WordPress and my light HTML/CSS skills, I was able to build the site myself.

The result is a clean, simple and beautiful eCommerce site that gives the Balanced Greens team a solid platform to expand their local markets and increase online sales.

Balanced Greens

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