I’m an ENFP that has introverted tendencies, a skill for process and organization and a sharp attention to detail.

One of my passions is to create beautiful things with talented people that tell emotive stories and drive impact. The relationships and final products built when collaborating with an experienced and open-minded team are essential to a meaningful career, at least for me.

My values as a professional are very clear and drive how I approach my work and partnership within a team: a people-first approach always drives the best potential results. Period. Especially in the age of the great resignation when people are no longer satisfied with the status quo and instead want to be inspired by their lives, the work they do and the people who surround them.

Model the way.
Challenge the process.
Inspire a shared vision.
Enable others to act.
Encourage the soul.

These pillars were introduced to me many years ago by a great leader and they continue to guide my mantras for what I bring to my life and those I work alongside.