Evolve the company brand and ensure consistent messaging and visual direction worldwide to optimize brand awareness, share of voice and sales & marketing capabilities.


  • Revitalize the K2 brand with updated messaging and graphical representation of capabilities
  • Provide new tools for sales, marketing and internal departments
  • Be authentic, plan a photoshoot
  • Increase accessibility and optimize process for enlisting creative services
  • Make some kick ass posters for global offices
  • Rearchitect the user journey of


A fresh, simple, beautiful and authentic brand that everyone was excited to use – even the former naysayers.

External vendors, distributors and internal departments quickly and easily leveraged the flexible brand assets to create global cohesion across K2 touch points. K2 was noted as one of the top 10 global O365 and SharePoint product vendors for digital marketing.

After K2 rolls out company brand refresh, multiple marketing programs and a successful User Conference, the leadership team raises over $100M in funding to promote growth and new product launches.

Mentions include Forbes, TechCrunch, Geekwire, Puget Sound Business Journal and more.


Categories: Project Management, Brand, Wrike

Bill of Materials:
Collateral Catalog
Company Posters
Whitepaper Template
Case Study Template
Communications Templates
Stationery & Internal Templates
Website Updates
Global Creative Request Process

Chris Tomeo / Creative Direction & Copywriting
Ashley Lippard / Art Direction & Design
Richard Renno / Design
Anaïs Mares / Design
Ian Nordeck / Design
Blas Yaselli / Front-End Development
Todd Lillienthal / Digital Strategy
Wrike / PM Tool